We are a concerned company that has decided to put together this website so that we could help people that are struggling financially. We realise that many people will get themselves into a tricky position with their finances and will then not know where they can turn to for help. Therefore, we felt that we wanted to help and decided that one way that we could start with doing this was to put together this website. Our aim was to put together a collection of information that we felt would be really useful for those that are looking for help. We have tried to include topics that we think will include something that will be useful to everyone, whatever situation they are in. We hope that we can show people that money does not have to be boring and that they can learn things about it which can have a big impact on them and their futures. So therefore, we have included explanations as well as hints and tips that we hope will be helpful and will encourage people to start making some changes to what they are doing. We hope that even a few changes will make a significant difference that will enable people to be able to start managing their money more easily.